Package: JuliaConnectoR 1.1.3

Stefan Lenz

JuliaConnectoR: A Functionally Oriented Interface for Integrating 'Julia' with R

Allows to import functions and whole packages from 'Julia' in R. Imported 'Julia' functions can directly be called as R functions. Data structures can be translated between 'Julia' and R. More details can also be found in the corresponding article <doi:10.18637/jss.v101.i06>.

Authors:Stefan Lenz [aut, cre], Harald Binder [aut, ths], Angelo D'Ambrosio [ctb]

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# Install JuliaConnectoR in R:
install.packages('JuliaConnectoR', repos = c('', ''))

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A Functionally Oriented Interface for Integrating Julia with RJuliaConnectoR-package
Access or mutate Julia objects via proxy objects$.JuliaStructProxy $<-.JuliaStructProxy AccessMutate.JuliaProxy dim.JuliaArrayProxy length.JuliaArrayProxy [.JuliaProxy [.JuliaSimpleArrayProxy [<-.JuliaProxy [[.JuliaArrayProxy [[.JuliaStructProxy [[<-.JuliaArrayProxy [[<-.JuliaStructProxy
Coerce a Julia Table to a Data
Environment variables used by the 'JuliaConnectoR'EnvVars-JuliaConnectoR JULIACONNECTOR_JULIAENV JULIACONNECTOR_SERVER JULIA_BINDIR
Call a Julia function by namejuliaCall
Evaluate a Julia expressionjuliaEval
Mark a string as Julia expressionjuliaExpr
Wrap a Julia function in an R functionjuliaFun
Translate a Julia proxy object to an R objectjuliaGet
Load and import a Julia package via 'import' statementjuliaImport
Evaluate Julia code in a 'let' block using values of R variablesjuliaLet
Create a Julia proxy object from an R objectjuliaPut
Check Julia setupjuliaSetupOk
Start a Julia server that may serve multiple clients (R processes)startJuliaServer
Stop the connection to JuliastopJulia