Package: maditr 0.8.4

Gregory Demin

maditr: Fast Data Aggregation, Modification, and Filtering with Pipes and 'data.table'

Provides pipe-style interface for 'data.table'. Package preserves all 'data.table' features without significant impact on performance. 'let' and 'take' functions are simplified interfaces for most common data manipulation tasks. For example, you can write 'take(mtcars, mean(mpg), by = am)' for aggregation or 'let(mtcars, hp_wt = hp/wt, hp_wt_mpg = hp_wt/mpg)' for modification. Use 'take_if/let_if' for conditional aggregation/modification. Additionally there are some conveniences such as automatic 'data.frame' conversion to 'data.table'.

Authors:Gregory Demin [aut, cre]

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# Install maditr in R:
install.packages('maditr', repos = c('', ''))

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maditr: Pipe-Style Interface for 'data.table'maditr-package maditr
Return first non-missing elementcoalesce
Selects columns or rows from the data setcols columns rows
Copy an entire objectcopy
Additional useful functionsdt_add_count dt_count dt_top_n
Join two data.frames by common columns.dt_anti_join dt_full_join dt_inner_join dt_left_join dt_right_join dt_semi_join
'dplyr'-like interface for data.table.dt_arrange dt_filter dt_mutate dt_select dt_summarise dt_summarise_all dt_summarize dt_summarize_all
Modify, aggregate, select or filter data.frame/data.tablelet let.etable let_all let_if sort_by take take_all take_if
One-to-one interface for data.table '[' methodquery query_if
Evaluate expressions in curly brackets inside stringstext_expand
Apply an expression to each element of a list or vectorto_df to_dfc to_dfr to_list to_vec
Convert data to long or to wide formto_long to_wide
Look up values in dictionary.vlookup xlookup