Package: tidyfst 1.7.9

Tian-Yuan Huang

tidyfst: Tidy Verbs for Fast Data Manipulation

A toolkit of tidy data manipulation verbs with 'data.table' as the backend. Combining the merits of syntax elegance from 'dplyr' and computing performance from 'data.table', 'tidyfst' intends to provide users with state-of-the-art data manipulation tools with least pain. This package is an extension of 'data.table'. While enjoying a tidy syntax, it also wraps combinations of efficient functions to facilitate frequently-used data operations.

Authors:Tian-Yuan Huang [aut, cre]

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# Install tidyfst in R:
install.packages('tidyfst', repos = c('', ''))

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Use data.table the tidy way: An ultimate tutorial of tidyfst

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Example 1: Basic usage

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Example 2: Join tables

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Example 3: Reshape

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Example 4: Nest

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Example 5: Fst

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Example 6: Dt

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Readme and manuals

Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Not in operator%notin%
Arrange entries in data.framearrange_dt
Save a data.frame as a fst tableas_fst
Get the column name of the max/min number each rowcol_max col_min
Complete a data frame with missing combinations of datacomplete_dt
Count observations by groupadd_count_dt count_dt
Cumulative meancummean
Select distinct/unique rows in data.framedistinct_dt
Dump, replace and fill missing values in data.framedelete_na_cols delete_na_rows drop_na_dt fill_na_dt replace_na_dt shift_fill
Fast creation of dummy variablesdummy_dt
Read and write fst filesexport_fst import_fst
Filter entries in data.framefilter_dt
Parse,inspect and extract data.table from fst filefilter_fst fst parse_fst select_fst slice_fst summary_fst
Group by variable(s) and implement operationsgroup_by_dt group_exe_dt
Data manipulation within groupsgroup_dt rowwise_dt
Read a fst file by chunksget_fst_chunk_size import_fst_chunked
Impute missing values with mean, median or modeimpute_dt
Short cut to data.tableas_dt in_dt
Set operations for data framesintersect_dt setdiff_dt setequal_dt union_dt
Join tablesanti_join_dt full_join_dt inner_join_dt join left_join_dt right_join_dt semi_join_dt
Fast lead/lag for vectorslag_dt lead_dt
Pivot data from wide to longlonger_dt
Conversion between tidy table and named matrixdf_mat mat_df
Mutate columns in data.framemutate_dt transmute_dt
Conditional update of columns in data.tablemutate_vars mutate_when
Nest and unnestchop_dt nest_dt squeeze_dt unchop_dt unnest_dt
Extract the nth value from a vectormaxth minth nth
Nice printing of report the Space Allocated for an Objectobject_size
Count pairs of items within a grouppairwise_count_dt
Add percentage to counts in data.frameadd_prop percent
Load or unload R package(s)pkg_load pkg_unload
Set global printing method for data.tableprint_options
Pull out a single variablepull_dt
Recode number or stringsrec rec_char rec_num
Change column orderrelocate_dt
Rename column in data.framerename_dt rename_with_dt
Fast value replacement in data framereplace_dt
Tools for working with row namescol_rn rn_col
Sample rows randomly from a tablesample_dt sample_frac_dt sample_n_dt
Select column from data.frameselect_dt select_mix
Separate a character column into two columns using a regular expression separatorseparate_dt
Subset rows using their positionsslice_dt slice_head_dt slice_max_dt slice_min_dt slice_sample_dt slice_tail_dt
Case insensitive table joining like SQLsql_join sql_join_dt
Summarise columns to single valuessummarise_dt summarise_vars summarise_when summarize_dt summarize_vars summarize_when
Convenient print of time takenpst sys_time_print
Efficient transpose of data.framet_dt
"Uncount" a data frameuncount_dt
Unite multiple columns into one by pasting strings togetherunite_dt
Use UTF-8 for character encoding in a data frameutf8_encoding
Pivot data from long to widewider_dt